fredag 15 april 2011

170 kilometers left to go

Yesterday (Friday) Christina and Hakan left Abisko Mountain Station to go the final 170 kilometers to Treriksröset.Unfortunately, it is already spring in Abisko, so we keep our fingers crossed that there is
still snow all the way up and down again to Kiruna, where they must be picked up for departure down to Molkom again.

The last few days have been in the middle of no-man's land, but despite this they have faced many dog ​​sled and hit a lot of holiday hosts. As everyone is as friendly and pleasant. At one point when they would cross a lake, it was clean traces everywhere. Both Christina and Hakan had heart in their throats when they would take the dogs through. The fact was that they did not hit any reindeer and dogs behaved extremely well.

In another place was quite sudden snow changed color to cafe latte.Hmm ...wonder they thought so at the next cabin, they asked what happened.When the landlord told that there is sand from the Sahara that had blown in over the mountains.

Today, they will pass Torneträsk, unfortunately, that they must now stay on the
snowmobile trails depending of the snow. So it will not go to / m, then as soon as they step off the tracks they sink into the snow which does not bear any longer.Now it's not so far away and it is fortunate.

Of course they passed Sälka and took  another picture of Sälka front Sälka:)
Many dogs that has the same names as the nature reserve they have.

They figure that the last distance will take a week. And hopefully we will get a new report then. But it isn't sure as the mobile calls doesn't go tru at all time.
/ / Pernilla

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