lördag 9 april 2011


Yesterday arrived Christina & Hakan to Kvikkjokk after a tense down hill driving. Hakan crash two times but as usual there is not much that can harm that man. He is okay and his sleigh is well.

They've had a nice track, cool and nice weather.

A small fault running through 2 km could also be yesterday. At the west mountain was Kungsleden very bad marked, but with Håkan as co-driver came soon back on track.

During yesterday they had something to feast your eyes on the entire voyage to the northwest and south of them were Sarek. They have taken pictures of Sarek infront Sarek to be very exciting to see.

Christina and Hakan with dogs have run 50-60 kilometers a day now when it's cold,
and the dogs enjoy being out in the wilderness.

/ / Pernilla

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