fredag 22 april 2011

Treriksröset and back

Just as I write this sitting in the car and Hakan have just driven past Dorotea, on the way up to Kiruna to get Christina and all the dogs. They've had a few eventful days of snow storms and many reindeers, but
they did it. All the way up to Treriksröset.

The day after they arrived at Treriksröset was the blizzard and the day before. The dogs have floppy in very fresh snow, but the team is unprecedented. Hakan and Christina are so incredibly impressed by the
dogs' performance.

It was really the last minute that they made ​​this journey, in someplaces there has been snow loose and they've got tricks their way in those places there has been snow. Spring is here!

Many thanks to Mia Karaca who drove the car up to Ostersund.

Think this is the last time I write in my blog, next time it's Christina or Hakan sitting at the computer.
Have a great day and take care of each other! THANKS AND BYE!
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