fredag 22 april 2011

Treriksröset and back

Just as I write this sitting in the car and Hakan have just driven past Dorotea, on the way up to Kiruna to get Christina and all the dogs. They've had a few eventful days of snow storms and many reindeers, but
they did it. All the way up to Treriksröset.

The day after they arrived at Treriksröset was the blizzard and the day before. The dogs have floppy in very fresh snow, but the team is unprecedented. Hakan and Christina are so incredibly impressed by the
dogs' performance.

It was really the last minute that they made ​​this journey, in someplaces there has been snow loose and they've got tricks their way in those places there has been snow. Spring is here!

Many thanks to Mia Karaca who drove the car up to Ostersund.

Think this is the last time I write in my blog, next time it's Christina or Hakan sitting at the computer.
Have a great day and take care of each other! THANKS AND BYE!
/ /

fredag 15 april 2011

170 kilometers left to go

Yesterday (Friday) Christina and Hakan left Abisko Mountain Station to go the final 170 kilometers to Treriksröset.Unfortunately, it is already spring in Abisko, so we keep our fingers crossed that there is
still snow all the way up and down again to Kiruna, where they must be picked up for departure down to Molkom again.

The last few days have been in the middle of no-man's land, but despite this they have faced many dog ​​sled and hit a lot of holiday hosts. As everyone is as friendly and pleasant. At one point when they would cross a lake, it was clean traces everywhere. Both Christina and Hakan had heart in their throats when they would take the dogs through. The fact was that they did not hit any reindeer and dogs behaved extremely well.

In another place was quite sudden snow changed color to cafe latte.Hmm ...wonder they thought so at the next cabin, they asked what happened.When the landlord told that there is sand from the Sahara that had blown in over the mountains.

Today, they will pass Torneträsk, unfortunately, that they must now stay on the
snowmobile trails depending of the snow. So it will not go to / m, then as soon as they step off the tracks they sink into the snow which does not bear any longer.Now it's not so far away and it is fortunate.

Of course they passed Sälka and took  another picture of Sälka front Sälka:)
Many dogs that has the same names as the nature reserve they have.

They figure that the last distance will take a week. And hopefully we will get a new report then. But it isn't sure as the mobile calls doesn't go tru at all time.
/ / Pernilla

måndag 11 april 2011

Three course dinner

At this writing  our adventurers  is enjoying a three-course dinner in Saltoluokta, where they have rested the dogs and themselves since Sunday evening. They figure to go again tomorrow morning early, and hope that
after two days of heat wave that there should be snow left all the way up to the final destination. Upon arrival, it rained: (

Yesterday (Sunday) they drove away Rapadalen to Saltoluokta, then the trail went over a steep mountain Decision Christina and Hakan to save the dogs as much as possible, they drove around, instead, this was 23 km extra, but the dogs loved the ground that was variable with no major differences in elevation.

The last few days, they have been up for about 60 km each day, it has been perfect weather and super nice terrain. Just such a terrain that dogs love so they have average of 10 km / h.

First reindeer they have now encountered, Christina would try to take pictures, but of course got the dogs right at this moment get wind of the reindeer. Luckily, Christina got a stop on the team is well ahead
of the first reindeer.

They met Laila Nilsson and his family reside in Kvikkjokks mountain.
Laila managed to take some really nice pictures of them and has sent them to me.

A lot of coffee breaks has indeed Christina and Hakan had time for, hm really wonder if it might be good for weight, Hakan. When they drove past Pårtestugan (Saturday) was they were met by Berta, who is hosting
the cottage. Invited for coffee and cakes, and yesterday they stopped at the cottage in Sitojaure Anders gave us homemade carrot cake and coffee ...

Looking ahead, there will be mountain huts every mil so from now it willnot go as much gasoline (as they drove through the nature reserve so it can not burn wood) to get to the water for the dogs.
That's it for this time / / Pernilla

lördag 9 april 2011


Yesterday arrived Christina & Hakan to Kvikkjokk after a tense down hill driving. Hakan crash two times but as usual there is not much that can harm that man. He is okay and his sleigh is well.

They've had a nice track, cool and nice weather.

A small fault running through 2 km could also be yesterday. At the west mountain was Kungsleden very bad marked, but with Håkan as co-driver came soon back on track.

During yesterday they had something to feast your eyes on the entire voyage to the northwest and south of them were Sarek. They have taken pictures of Sarek infront Sarek to be very exciting to see.

Christina and Hakan with dogs have run 50-60 kilometers a day now when it's cold,
and the dogs enjoy being out in the wilderness.

/ / Pernilla

tisdag 5 april 2011


The day before yesterday  they drove away Ammarnäs in the afternoon, after telephone contact with Matti Holmgren who recommended them to drive to the east instead of west due to the input possibly snow storm coming. During Monday the drove just the only 10 kilometers when it was too hot for the dogs and the sleds again fully loaded, it was heavy.

When Christina and Hakan went to bed it was starting to freeze again and they hoped that Tuesday's execution would be easier when the tracks again was hard. But  in the morning when they opened the was
tent it had snowed again, this time only 3-4 centimeters.

Snow, little rain and a sun that shone brightly in the neck (felt like 20 degrees) was on Tuesday the
weather. Dogs keeps going well, unfortunately it was again in some places no snow on some places, but with some tricks and quirk was driving this, too.

Christina and Hakan had a pleasant run down when they left the mountain to go down into the valley
this time too:) But only until they came to a lake that began with a small
stream. On the stream it looked like it was frozen (they thought) with the snowmobile trail, so it was just to go over.The dogs showed that they would certainly not do, and explanation for this was that it was steeping in water and snow mixed togheter (sometimes I think we should trust the dogs). Once they got over
sleds and dogs, were both Christina and Hakan soaked.

They had 5 kilometers to go to Adolfström where they knew there would be a small country trade. There
was anchored dogs up and Hakan would buy some sodas, the lady who owned the shop has
taken pictures of our adventurer, and would during the day put the image on
the website

It turned out they had a loft for rent, and then it was time to return to dry shoes and clothes thought
Christina and Håkan that it was time to take an overnight inside, who knows maybe
they would salubra at they had been married for 26 years (April 5).

This morning (Wednesday), I know that they would try to get away early before it gets too hot for the
dogs I've the weather forecast up on the northern broad promised degrees above
freezinguntil Friday.Nothing that they look forward to.
/ /

måndag 4 april 2011


Today they left  Ammarnäs hostel, where they filled up with both food to themselves and to the dogs.
The point was not that they should have stayed here the night between Sunday and Monday but weather report promised rain, they did not have all the equipment wet again when for many nights to come will have to do quite a solo.

They had nice run yesterday, but a bit warm. In the afternoon they left the mountains to come down in the valley when it was cooler and clearly showed the dogs a new ignition. They can tell that they work better at lower temperatures. So would it be too hot now, they will run in the early morning and late at night, resting during the day.

When they leave Ammarnäs, they are not sure which of the routes they will take it there's two, King's Trail and Pajala trail. But we will soon notice. The next food depot is Jäkkvik.

The heat has also been hard on the snow layer up but the hope is clearly that it should remain in snow so they can complete their trip.


 All of this time / Pernilla

torsdag 31 mars 2011

At Virisen Lake

Yesterday, when Christina and Hakan left Raujka lake 'Håkan' forgotten one of the bags in the cottage.In the bag were some human necessities, such as mashed potatoes, cous-cous and other dry. So now our adventurers are on a diet, "said Christina ...Hm, it's not quite right because when I talked to Christina, they was sitting waiting for those waffles again.Wonder how many waffles they are eating on the way :)

Dogs keeps going well and Arija is now out of the season (we suspect that this was not a real maturity, because she only went 14 days).The dogs have done a great job to Klimpfjäll.

The night between Wednesday and Thursday, they stopped along the track and  put up the tent.Then it was time to make a fire.The geniuses Hakan and Nick tried to make a fire on damp dwarf birch, which resulted in the smoke more than the heat. So poor Christina had to run aroundbefore it was time to crawl into the sleeping bag, during the night the temperature crept down to -27 degrees.

The dogs had dug down and was fit and alert when the panels were opened in the morning. Thursday's driving has been mostly in the forested terrain which is appreciated by the dogs.

When I talked to Christina (at 13:00), theyhad run 25 kilometers in the morning and the calculation of running 15 kilometers to today, before it was time to put up the tent again. If all goes as it should be so they arrive in Tarnaby on Friday, in Tarnaby Hakan must glue his staffs who have become a bit worn .... and of
course it is time for the Friday pizza, a habit that Hakan had in how manyyears at any time:)

Now they have been out half the time and if it does not happen any more unpredictable as they hope to achieveTreriksröset before it's time and return home again.


// Pernilla

måndag 28 mars 2011

2 days with snow and snow

Yesterday (27) afternoon when Christina & Hakan crawled out of the tenthad snowed, 1.5 dm new snow overnight and it snowed so much that Christina did not see Hakan when he was two yards in front of her.

It continued to snow throughout the day, it was about 3.5 dm on Sunday. Sunday was very strenuous with more ascents and a lot of snow. During the night between Sunday and Monday was spent in a parking lot, with access to services associated cabin with water and heat. It could certainly be needed when rates edged down to - 20 degrees at night.

Today, they have the composure and drove 15-18 miles. The dogs have been the slippers throughout the day due to the input so much new snow and ice formations in the paws.

Right now they are at Raukasjön (enjoyed waffles with cloudberry jam and hot chocolate), where they rented a small cottage in order to recharge both the dogs and themselves when tomorrow is up in the mountains against Klimpfjäll. They expect this to be a very tough stage for both
themselves and the dogs.

/ / Pernilla

söndag 27 mars 2011

Further north

On Saturday morning came and Christina Hakan north from Gäddede again.
The conditions are very tough, with more than 6 dm new snow and no good
snowmobile trails to help them. Hopefully it will snow soon so snowmobiles can run out and no.

It does not make things better Arija now in her prime dates (for those of you who
waited for her to be mated this rennet, you will have to wait until next
season, she started 2 ½ months premature). Hakan and Christina have
tricks and replace dogs with each other on the team for fear sneak
mating and scrimmage between the guys.

Last Saturday was the sleds through very varied terrain, very up and
down. Overall, the slopes on 800 meters up and down. At one point it was
so steep that Hakan suddenly disappeared, luckily got Christina a stop
on his band before they drove down the hill.


/ / Pernilla

onsdag 23 mars 2011

Still waiting Gäddede (friday)

With hindsight we can say that we came across Hotagen nature reserves in the nick of time.A day later and we had struggled in powder snow up to his waist. Now we got the more than twomiles of alternating sun / clouds that day ended with the increasing wind and an abundant slush.As you already could read about was for us to Gäddede on Monday where snowed had been released for almost a daily
persistent rain.The rain has passed to snowstorms, and it has in the last days come around 4 dm snow in strong winds at times.We had a vague hope of being able to continue to run in Wednesday night's snowstorm, but the morning class and a warning on TV4 weather made it easy to fall back asleep after being fed the dogs with 6-8 cups Purina Pro Plan Performance, normally, the three-4 dl. Unfortunately, the weather report on the continued FOUL WEATHER precisely in the place we are in and struggling against a growing restlessness.

Gloves, clothing, shoes, tents, dog harnesses and sleeping bags are dry now.The weight of the
master has increased by at least three kg for pizza (half Christina also) and today cod with spinach, Christina has pimp his sleigh and polar ice is also revamped and we are on the go, waiting for clearance from the
weather ringtone.- It's only five weeks of vacation left ...;-) After talking with the local snowmobile club and of them have been informed that it has dropped even more snow at Blåsjön, which we expect to reach
the next stage, and that the previous rainy weather has loosened the snow on the lakes so we fear now that therelonger reveal "free miles" downloading of riding on Lakes where probably will be water / snow few
stages onwards ...

Dogs ear muff unconcerned what awaits them and havealready amassed enough energy of inventing own activities on Stake Outen.Two of our girls have figured out how they get away from BGB-hooks
to investigate the immediate neighborhood alone.Fortunately, there are 13 police officers who loudly informs us and the whole Gäddede if something happens that breaks the pattern - both good and less good when
it happened around midnight :-). The days of Gäddede masat have their way and we have not missed a weather report - unfortunately, all the reports sued and until today Friday, the total reached more than 6 dm
snow and wind greatly from time to.

On the mountain the snow has drifted into high drifts of the places very strong wind and the scooters that we
had hoped would pave the way for us, all turned when they reached the mountains. The weather forecast for tomorrow looks anyway very promising, and the campsite has today come a bunch of Norwegians with
snowmobiles so now is the sledges packed and it takes a lot if we do not leave Gäddede tomorrow Saturday with Niklas and his five Sibbe which may act plow untilSamoyeds are taking over ...:-))

Hakan & Christina

måndag 21 mars 2011


It's been a rough ride through the nature reserve and it rained almost all day today have not made ​​things any better. When they started from Scotland and went over the mountains the weather was good, but now got untracked as the compass got to do the job. The first 1 ½ mile went really well, when they went down
toward the Munsvattnet they meet an obsticale. It was a spruce forest in the way.

Christina and the dogs was left behind while Hakan  skied down (walk in his skis as it was 4-5 cm new snow) to find a track  which would work for the sledges. It took Hakan 1 ½ hours to find an appropriate track and then back up to Christina.

Well down at Munsvattnet they stopped at a creek to spend the night, so they wouldn't have to melt snow for the dogs and for themselves. This morning (Monday) it started to snow, after an hour the rain came and
after it has rained almost all day. The tracks from Munsvattnet has been helpful to some scooters have been and driving, however, it has hardly brought the dogs and sleds when it arrived much rain and have just been above freezing.

On the way to Gäddede Camp, they had to drive over a lake, for the most part, this tends to be a pretty good thing when you can stand on the sled and take it calm. But this time it was 5-8 feet of water on the
lake, so almost EVERYTHING  was wet (sleeping bags still dry).

The decision was taken to stay on Gäddede camp one day when everything has dried and there is a low-pressure right where they are right now. They plan to go ahead on Wednesday.

At the campsite, they have been joined by Niklas Eriksson and his Siberian Huskies, so tonight it will be one or two beers and a pizza at the restaurant.

söndag 20 mars 2011

An extra day of rest

The day before our adventurer took an extra day of rest in Valsjöbyn, before they went north.
The dogs and two legged needed some extra rest and because the service  in Valsjöbyn was wonderful it was decided that a night of extra sleeping in the beds of the wounded before the tougher terrain. Valsjöbyn with its 53 inhabitants is truly a place of tourist atmosphere and service. The 13 schoolchildren (in seven different grades) took the opportunity to cuddle and pamper the dogs a little extra:)
The dogs didn't use the dogs last night in Valsjöbyn to rest, they thought that the dogs in the village wanted to talk to them.

Yesterday they went to Scotland with heavy sleds, loaded with new supplies for both two and four legged.
During yesterday the only went  12 km, they stop early to rest the dogs as it was very heavy and it will be tuffer the next distance.  Yesterday was sunny, a couple of + degrees and it went up hill.

After having spent the night between Saturday and Sunday in Scotland (tent), Christina and Hakan today went in to a nature reserve. There will be a very tough distance as this nature reserve is not alowed with scooters so the risk is very big that it becomes 30 mil total untracked in the 3-4 inches of new snow. The alternative is to go around the reserve, but this should be a distance of 120 kilometers instead.
/ / Pernilla

fredag 18 mars 2011

Two-weekly Report

Hi all  blog readers.
Today we have had time to Valsjöbyn. We came here last night at. 21:30, after running a quarter Polardistans (7.5 mil yesterday, Thursday). The reason for the long run was short on dog food in your luggage and that it had been promised snow with about 1 dm fresh snow. As usual, the dogs made ​​a heroic effort. The order is that I, Hakan go first with four dogs and a Polaris Pulka (at least from the start :-)) where Arija and Birk's leadership duo that lays down the pace, after Christina comes with 10-span and heavy sled at about 200 kg.

Yesterday it went extra fast because Birk managed to catch and eat something lemming animals that ran in the track and after that was all different as pine cones and lichen blown off was very interesting prey items associated with the increase in speed when it came in the spotlight.

Good to the last downhill before Valsjöbyn when he appeared after a 1m next to the track with the somersault to me over the sled at the most ...

The dogs and we feel great, it'll be here tomorrow to try and get through it about 3 mil roadless natural area Hota Balingen - probably, we halfway and camping in the homelike Hilleberg tent: Keron 3GT "on the

With so many readers we are really excited and hope you from the couch or the workplace may experience at least a small part of the adventure we are enjoying.
Hakan and Christina (tru Pernilla) want to give you a nice reading during the next six
weeks - Let's eat char given to us by Ake from Froson
Hakan & Christina (by the key board at a school in Valsjobyn)

onsdag 16 mars 2011


Yesterday was a lot of driving down hill for Christina and Hakan. After taking a proper sleep in the luxury suite as they headed into the Mattmar to pick up a package of oil, which they forgot at home.

Many thanks to Ake on Frösön room for the night and the delicious char that will taste good in a couple of days !

They ran into another obstacle yesterday, bridges and viaducts, but shame on him who gives up. Over Ocke Bridge there was now snow at all for 400-500 meters so there they had to walk with the dogs over (put then on a stake-out) and then carry all the equipment  piece by piece. Necessity knows no law.

Many thanks for the assistance Kjell and Eva at the bridge.

Over/under E14, it was indeed the same thing, but where did they manage themselves through the shovel, the distance was not half so far this time:)

Christina has started to get a hang on her 'big' sled, and have a bit easier to maneuver it, (hum maybe it's getting easier, too). Otherwise, our adventurers very positive and they enjoy themselves, it can be heard on their voices when I talk to them.

That's it for today:) See ya!!

måndag 14 mars 2011


Today has been LUXURY in big letters. Conditions have been super, and right now when I sit and write this, Christina and Hakan crawled into their sleeping bags after a long and wonderful shower. They really have learned in this short time to appreciate the little in this world.

Now to today's blogging: After starting this morning, it was very steep for about 1 ½ hours, only once did they pick up snow shovels and pushed snow under the sled. Once up on the mountain, it was down hill....over the bald mountain.The sun has fried, despite the protective factor of 50 is now Christina is now a canker.

The day has been very diverse in terrain, uphill, downhill, over lakes and some forest driving.The dogs have loved it and only on the lake was some stops. There, Christina change leader bitches for a while after having
even more trouble, she switched back to Spira.They had now gone south over which to their great delight, was that they had the wind (2-7m/sek) in the back.

When they arrived at Anrisstugan they met the day's first man, the landlord. There they took a lunch break, rosehip soup and macaroons, before it was time to move on. Later, they meet  the next man, a
man with two German pointers. Hakan thought he had an eye on his dogs (the optimist, he has samoyeds *lol*), which resulted in that Hakan has visited another check post and the jointed glass fiber-fir central pole now needs some more repairs tomorrow. Luckily he managed to stop the dogs before it happened a major

Tonight is the dogs outside the house on Håckrenlägret, 15 km south of Mattmar.When they arrived was not the plant open but a good caravan visitors helped to get the values ​​and opened up one of the cottages to Chrsitina and Hakan.The cabin is one room with kitchenette, shower, toilet and especially running water. So tonight was not necessary to melt snow for the dogs would have their water needs met, some clothes
are washed and our adventurers are clean:)


söndag 13 mars 2011

A lot of loose snow on the mountains

Our dear adventurers are after today very tired it has been hard on them, well Christina anyway. Hakan did not sound so tired.Now when I hung up, it would enjoy mashed potatoes and a piece of salmon in an emergency cabin along the track.

They have had it tough today, really tough.There has been snow loose in many places after the storms which have been on bald mountain. Hakan and Christina have occasionally been shoveling their way, now you may ask what I mean but you read it right, they have been shoveling snow in front of the sleigh so that they have
been able to get around with a big sled. Pictures will come when they get home but I can give you a little vision, the sled hanging from a birch tree and standing over a fir tree.

They have not come a long way today. At 6½ hours, they reached 15 kilometers. Then, they have not stopped more than a maximum of 10 minutes throughout the day but it has not been anything wrong with the dogs' motivation. Although they have been in the loose snow up to their stomachs (Christina has not been able to get off of when she fell down to the groin) and had a lot of ice in the bottom so they pulled out both the sled and Christina on the snow places and others have been graveland stone.

They have about a mil left to Anaris cottage, where they would come tonight but as you know, it has not
gone. So the hope that they will arrive there tomorrow. Hakan continues to repair his sled all a McGyver, now it's fiberglass centrale pole who is now spliced ​​with pine boughs and attached with cable ties. I don't think he is thinking about having this sled for many more adventures. Christina's big sled is, which is very lucky.

Spot position:

There was a small flash back for today! / Pernilla

torsdag 10 mars 2011

The first mountain cabin visit

Have just put up the phone after a conversation with Christina, now we will see if I get this today:

From Bruksvallarna there has been heavy, very heavy with a climb of 240 meters in 1 kilometer. Although
they have gone on snowmobile trails much of the time it has gone up and down, up and down.

Still great weather, this morning it was -10 degrees and the day has gone up to -5 and brilliant sunshine.
Despite the sun factor 50 smeared in the faces, it feels that they have color and their skin feels tight.

Christina & Hakan with dogs has stopped for the night, and their stop today is at the Field hunter's cabin. The cottage includes chairs, bed, table and a wood stove. So no toilet, shower or running water.But oh, Hakan was happy, he sat and enjoyed in his chair and shouted in the background this I've missed.
They will tonight enjoy dinner at tables and chairs with plates:) What they missed!

The cottage is starting to heat up and sleeping bags and wet clothes hanging to dry around the cabin. In
the cabin, they will spend the night before they leave again tomorrow. We that are all sitting on our sofas
can of course send them the idea that they get a good night rest / /

onsdag 9 mars 2011

Water stop - ICA

Yesterday night I felt in our adventurers.They spent the night in a shelter in Acktjärn between Tännäs and Tänndalen.When the tent was in place and the fire made up it began to blow, it increased gradually throughout the evening and night. According to reports it was in place about 30 meters per second in the villages.Water bucket blew down more than 1 ½ gallons of water (Water is now essential for dogs and owners so they had to start melting snow again.

We took a late morning today - Christina got her first real sleep (despite the wind) - 8
o'clock, what a luxury. Today has been a heavy track, it has snowed and snowed until noon.
Around half two we wént into Tänndalen hotel parking.The goal was to get dog food to
Purina Pro Plan. So now there are 4x18 kg extra weight in the sled.Christina & Hakan assembly of
many happy people who photographed and filmed them. A little girl asked
if the dogs were domesticated ....good laugh! When Tänndalen left behind as the
sun came out, and a climb from 700 meters to 940 meters up on the bare

Arriving in Bruksvallarna it was time for a visit to the ICA (food store) ....yes you read right. Hakan ran inside and filled with water in all that went to the evening would not have to melt snow for the dogs. /
/ Pernilla - Christina

tisdag 8 mars 2011

Super weather

A little Progress report from the wilderness: The weather is super, just
as desired (so far), minus 4-6 degrees and sunny. During yesterday we got a lot of colour in our faces.

We who know Hakan knows he has a love for the check posts. Hm, our Polaris sled is now more of a Polaris STFS (I think it was called). He has managed to hit the pole so that the sled broke down, brush bow and stay in between the rails is now Mc Gyver exchanged at a STFS cottage. It works at least as good as it did before, but there is no problems with it. Hopefully  Hakan keeps him self on the right side of the posts from now on.

Dogs working good, taut ropes:) Some of the more experienced dogs don't like when it is time to take a brake for night, they think that 4-5 miles are certainly not enough.  Arija, Delta and Sälka think clearly
that the notion that staying is not funny, they speak loudly on for everyone else that now shall we indeed run again, although Hakan and Christina try to sleep.

That's it this time round. No way, the spot seems to work now so we
check with the original link again:
Pernilla (keyboard) & Christina (phone)

söndag 6 mars 2011

Still problems with the spot

Sunday was not started until 11:30. Christina needed some extra rest
after a night which did not give her so much sleep. The dogs are still
tagged to the max so Christina still stands on the brake. 4 mil clear
by the Sunday in a very good snowmobile trails, pure luxury.

Spot still does not work, so Hakan and I, Pernilla has taken the decision
that I will post links that I receive in the mail directly to show their positions.

The Saturday night spot:
Sunday night spot:
/ / Pernilla (keyboard) - Hakan (phone)

lördag 5 mars 2011

Already taken a wrong turn

We started at10:30 from Sarna today and guess what after 20 minutes we took a  wrong turn. All of a sudden we were standing in the middle of reindeer trails all around us.Through the woods we went, and shortly there after a precipice.There was a small step down that was shoved by a scooter for some time ago, so Hakan went down with skis, sledges and dogs.Well down, we took the decision not to sled down with all 10. This would be to dangerous. Dogs disconnected and Hakan took the sleigh down on a slant.I, Christina was down and received when Hakan let the 10 dogs down.Well down with everything, the dogs were put infront of the sled again, and our journey continued.The dogs have really been super-added
now and I have been standing  on the brakes most of the time, although we calculate with the sled and I weigh about180 kilograms.

The weather today has been perfect ...well almost, could be colder. Sun - 4-5 degrees
and lightly blown.

When we stopped for a snack break, the dogs certainly didn't want to stand still. So we had to quickly throw in our little rosehip soup, nuts and chocolate (wonder if they will like nuts, chocolate and rose hip
when they get home, according Christina isthat their main energy source of snacks)

At 19.00 we stopped for the night and pitched the tent and made a fire.All dogs are fed, except 4 - we are waiting for more water will melt in the pan over the fire.It takes a while to melt water to 14
dogs.Over the fire hangs Hakan socks and dry ..they got wet after all, flounder up and down the cliff (while on the phone, ran one of the socks burn up ... lucky that they have reserves to itself).

We are having some problems with the spot (at 20.00)  but hopefully we will have it up and running soon.

The first day has gone really well and it feels really good./ / Pernilla
(keyboard) - Christina (your phone)

fredag 4 mars 2011

Finally.. we are on our way

We, Christina & Hakan with dogs has finally left a rainy Molkom and are heading
north now to Sarna. After two days and nights feverishly packing to get everything and do not forget anything. Hmm, we wonder now when we sit in the car on really everything is included, but only time will tell. The dogs were tagged when they noticed that something was happening. Many of them have been around before and know it's racing when the car gets packed. Just don't think that they are aware that
there is quite a while until they see their runs again:)

We are very pleased that we start from Sarna tomorrow morning and not up
north as we first thought about doing. Hakan has had an eye on the weather and hopefully stop it blowing and gets freezing again before we get up the mountain. / at the keyboard Pernilla - Christina by phone

torsdag 3 mars 2011

Substitute blogger

Lets see if I can get a hang of this, you have to have some patience. New blogger who stands in for Christina and Hakan now that they will not have access to power and being in the wilderness. Hopefully I will be able to reflect some of their adventures through MMS and phone calls. You can follow their journey on the Spot:
// Pernilla

fredag 25 februari 2011

Cold night

On the night to Sunday we were going to try our new tent, a Hilleberg Keron 3GT.

Since Deimos is not healthy we did not want to leave him alone inside so we decided I would try. The temperature was low throughout Saturday about 15 degrees at midday and by evening it dropped steadily.
At 22, I took my downmat (an inflatable mattress with down), my three season sleeping bag and Delta and crawled into the tent.

 It was now minus 24 degrees. To try and avoid condensation, I wanted to have openings to the vestibules open, but Delta found it quickly and ran back an forth in the tent, so to avoid getting the tent full of snow, I had to close. After having turned around several times in my sleeping bag I finally found a postion that felt good. It was surprisingly warm and I was not cold at all. Some time later, however, my nose was very cold and I had to arrange the sleeping bag so that it protected my face in a way taht made it possible to breathe in a proper way. Delta had lay down on a reindeer hide. Now we were both listening to the winter night sounds.
- Was it a fox or maybe a wolf who sneaked around the tent? The full moon lit the tent and I could see that Delta pricked up her ears, but she growled not, so she relaxed and finally we went to sleep.
About two hours later I woke up because I was cold.  It felt like I was lying directly on the snow. -Shit, why didn't I think of that? We had filled the inflatable mat with hot air when I was inside and now it was almost completely flat because the air had shrunk, so I was actually almost right on the snow. Now I was so cold that I  didn't want to test any longer, so I went inside and into my warm bed but first I checked the thermometer -26 degrees below! On Sunday afternoon I made another attempt.This time I filled the mat really fully outdoors and I also had a regular sleeping mat as reinforcement under. Now I did not freeze at all:)) - and I feel quite sure that I will not freeze even if it might be really cold, not as long as I'm in my sleepingbag.

fredag 18 februari 2011

High pressure and low pressure

A high pressure is parked over Sweden and provides clear and cold weather, much colder than you wish for when you are aboout to go camping.

Meanwhile, an emotional low pressure parked at home, Deimos, one of the youngsters from D-litter, has since last Saturday been very ill. On Monday we went to the vet who prescribed antibiotics and pain killers based on the assumption that he suffered from Lyme disease or anaplasma. Deimos had high fever, was stiff and had a very sore neck and back. On Tuesday night the fever rose to 40.9 degrees (his normal temp is around 38.5), although he hadbeen given medicine and he was completely apathetic. By wrapping him in wet towels, we managed to bring down the temperature and he became a bit more alert. On Wednesday we were hopefull, but he did not get better, the temperature was actually slightly lower, but he was in great pain. On Thursday there was another visit to the vet. The test responses showed that there was no Lyme disease or anaplasma. The vet took new blood samples and found that antibiotics had no effect on his high blood values. She now prescribed cortisone based on the assumption that he has meningitis.

Today, he seems somewhat better, the temperature is normal and we think he is a little less rigid and seems slightly less painful.

During the past week, our focus hasbeen to worry about Deimos, walk him, cuddle him, see to that he has been drinking and eating, and so not much effort hasbeen put on planning. Of course, we have also been thinking a lot about what to do now. Until yesterday we were hoping that he would perk up so that he could come with us. Now it is clear that he must stay at home. Before we can leave, Deimos must be much better and we need to be certain that the treatment helps, then remains to find someone who is willing to take care of him until we get home. We hope that we can be able to start the expedition sometime in early March.

Today we have arranged with a spot transmitter wich we will bring. It is our "lifesaver" in that it has an SOS button and it works with the help of satellite broadcasting.  In addition, we will, by pushing another button, to mark our position at least once a day so that anyone who is interested in our trail can see where we are. We hope to be able to update the blog quite often but we know that the coverage of cellular phones is not one hundred per cent so at times it may be sporadic updates.
Bosse on Waern Hoff sails have now been commissioned to sew a sack for the new sledge and  tomorrow night, we had thought we would test to sleep in the tent, but now one of us must sleep inside with Deimos, so it has to be me that tests because Håkan has already been sleeping in a tent during winter. I will probably bring Delta,  it might be good to have some company and maybe a little help to stay warm.
This is the prototype for our sledge sack

fredag 11 februari 2011

Snowy weather

On Tuesday came about 15cm snow, so the evening was spent shoveling snow and yesterday it snowed all day and so far reached about 30-35cm. It's snowing still fairly plentiful, and soon it's barely visible that I have shoveled all afternoon today, too. Håkan says it's good exercise:)) - Oh yes, I feel it in my arms, and as it seems to be the only way for me to get some training I believe it's a good thing that it keeps on snowing.

Today came the new sled from Stepphundspann. It looks good,  steady and with strong brakes. 

We have come quite far in our planning, and most purchases are made. It remains to make a detailed planning of the diet and to make final additions to the wardrobe.
The tent, a Keron 3GT partially sponsored by Hillberg, will come next week as well as Jerven extreme wind bag, so next weekend it is likely that we will test to sleep in the tent.
The food for the dogs,  Purina Pro Plan will help us to deliver at different places during the expedition.
Fortunately, all females, except one, have passed their heat and the maledogs have started eating normally again. The females  are fit and eager, and after this weekend's test with 14 dogs in front of our new ATV weighing just about 500kg (including our weight),  we are confidently looking forward to the expedition thinking that our dogs will be working well, even if it might be a bit heavy.

Last thursday I went to Bivvilis kennel with both our youngsters, Ergo and Etna, who are to young to come along. They will be staying with Pernilla during our expedition.

fredag 4 februari 2011

News drought

This morning, the wind howled round the corner and the snow whipped against the windows. There was a southerly wind and only -1 degree, but I was still glad not having to crawl out of a condensing wet tent as I woke up. Hopefully it will be as it usually is when we are out on "adventure", just a beautiful and pleasant weather.
this is the kind of weather we like, sunny and about -5degrees
 At lunchtime, the clouds dispersed and the sun's warming rays made the ice melt and drip from the roof. It was an amazingly beautiful early spring weather.

Recently, nothing special has happened. All my free time I have peeled, cut, boiled and dehydrated vegetables. It takes time. Dehytrating a plate of broccoli, turnip, onion or celery in a conventional oven takes 4-8 hours depending on how thin the pieces are.
turnip for dehydrating

On Wednesday the maps, which we had ordered, arrived and we have begun planning which route to take.



Sälka is now completely fed up with monitoring my work to dehydratefood and is sleeping herself  into shape
Unfortunately, the sled which we had intended to use has broken so we had to order a new one and was lucky that  Dominique in Stepphundspann had two sledges ready at home. The sled that we ordered is a Skaule purpose-built for mountain trips.

On the bedside table is no longer criminal books but several books on mountain trips with much useful reading. Every night  we read and plan a bit before falling asleep. How we can sleep depends on which of the books we read, if it was about mountain safety it's  likely that we have nightmares about beeing hunted by the snow storms throughout the night.

söndag 23 januari 2011

Tangling dogs

Last Thursday Hakan went to Nederhögen to qualify dogs at 2 x 30km. The first part took place on Friday, the tracks were excellent and they finished 30 km in 2 h 5 min with sledge and eight dogs, which boded well for Saturday's stage. During the night of Friday, it fell some snow so the track was slightly heavier but also on this day the dogs were working well and the team made the 30-km at 2 h 15 min. This meant that team, with a good margin, passed the lowest speed of 7 km / h required for passing the test.

Sunrise 23/1-11

Saturday morning's sunrise filed hopes for good weather and I decided that I would go sledging in the afternoon.

Hakan brought the best lead dogs and those who work the best, but I reckoned that Singi and Sälka, who has previously gone as lead dogs, would work well. I put up the team on the field near our house, just beside the road. When I was just ready to go and had loosened the lead dogs, one of the neighbors came walking with his dog. Sälka and Singi thought it was very exciting and turned the whole team in the wrong direction. However after some trouble we got started. 
The dogs were hot and went galloping for about 3 km. I went on to the lake at a good speed, but as we turned home, the two males in the team suddenly realized that Delta smelt very good. Appa, who joined in pairs with Delta, tried repeatedly to get on her and didn't realize, despite Delta's very angry reception, that he was not welcome. Pepper, who joined as wheeldog with Corall, struggled and pulled to get close to Delta and refused to stand still as I stopped the team to switch places for Sälka and Appa. It all ended with the entire team beeing one big knot and I was glad I had no aggressive dogs in the team. 
After a while of tangling I had sorted out all the ropes and could provide the command-Forward! then there were only five dogs who were listening. Appa went backwards and Pepper pulled like a horse, soon I had a knot again: (((My patience was running out and I had to strain to not let my irritation out on the dogs. Slowly we moved forward on the lake, the dogs constantly tangling while Singi did her best to tighten up the tangling team. As we finally got home, I was all sweaty.

In the afternoon, I read in the newly purchased book "Friluftsmat" by Anita Forsell and made my first attempt to dry anything other than mushroom. The result seemed good and today I'll test it with carrot and turnip.
Dried onion

 In the evening I started sewing a harness and Sälka, half asleep, supervised my work.

Sälka half asleep

The first part of a harness

söndag 16 januari 2011

Inventory weather

Last night we were planning to about one o’clock. We surfed the net, looking for clothes that complement the existing closet and different stuff that is missing to the dogs. Wool underwear, wool socks, gloves and thermal pants were ordered. We found that the condition of the harnesses must be controlled, the number of dog booties checked, team lines and stakeout inventoried. It became clear that we need to buy more Eskimos hooks, hooks to the neck lines, nylon rope to the neck lines and anchors to the stakeout to park the night in the mountains.

The snow is still on the roof, but probably not for long

The snow that fell yesterday has melted to slush
 Today the fog is dense in Jonsbyn. In the morning it was raining and yesterday's about 1dm fresh snow went into a wet slush - a weather, in short, not preferable for sledging.

Instead, it was very appropriate to move forward in planning.
98 booties
 With all the dog booties, which we currently own, scattered on the kitchen floor, I saw that it was 98 -far too few  - add dog booties to the shopping list. The next census was stakeout. The number of dogs in our kennel has grown rapidly and when the stakesout, which we have not used since last year's race season, were checked , we discovered two things: One, we have only stakeout for seven dogs. Two, bits of the stakeout is worn and needs replacing - add stakeout for eight dogs and pieces to replace the worn on the shopping list.

So it was time for inventory of the harnesses.
17 pair of dog eyes excited following me as I approach the kennels

As I approached the kennels carrieing their harnesses,  17 pairs of excited dog eyes were following me and longing barking echoed over Jonsbyn (as mom comes with our harnesses we are usually going out for a run). With hands, which soon became numb in the wet zero degree temperature, I concluded that since the requirement of fit is high when the dogs will wear the harness each day for about 60 days, we need to organize four new harnesses - add four harnesses to the shopping list.

So went another day and day of departure is one day closer.

As I have been shopping Håkan has put his time and power into taking down trees for selling, to try and make the income equal to the cost.

 Tomorrow we are working and there is no time for planning. It will be necessary that we are effective during the holidays that remain if we are to be well prepared