fredag 25 februari 2011

Cold night

On the night to Sunday we were going to try our new tent, a Hilleberg Keron 3GT.

Since Deimos is not healthy we did not want to leave him alone inside so we decided I would try. The temperature was low throughout Saturday about 15 degrees at midday and by evening it dropped steadily.
At 22, I took my downmat (an inflatable mattress with down), my three season sleeping bag and Delta and crawled into the tent.

 It was now minus 24 degrees. To try and avoid condensation, I wanted to have openings to the vestibules open, but Delta found it quickly and ran back an forth in the tent, so to avoid getting the tent full of snow, I had to close. After having turned around several times in my sleeping bag I finally found a postion that felt good. It was surprisingly warm and I was not cold at all. Some time later, however, my nose was very cold and I had to arrange the sleeping bag so that it protected my face in a way taht made it possible to breathe in a proper way. Delta had lay down on a reindeer hide. Now we were both listening to the winter night sounds.
- Was it a fox or maybe a wolf who sneaked around the tent? The full moon lit the tent and I could see that Delta pricked up her ears, but she growled not, so she relaxed and finally we went to sleep.
About two hours later I woke up because I was cold.  It felt like I was lying directly on the snow. -Shit, why didn't I think of that? We had filled the inflatable mat with hot air when I was inside and now it was almost completely flat because the air had shrunk, so I was actually almost right on the snow. Now I was so cold that I  didn't want to test any longer, so I went inside and into my warm bed but first I checked the thermometer -26 degrees below! On Sunday afternoon I made another attempt.This time I filled the mat really fully outdoors and I also had a regular sleeping mat as reinforcement under. Now I did not freeze at all:)) - and I feel quite sure that I will not freeze even if it might be really cold, not as long as I'm in my sleepingbag.

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  1. hallo christina :-)))

    Übung macht den Meister

    "Skill comes with practice"

    liebe grüße, heidrun

  2. oder
    learning by doing :-))))