fredag 4 februari 2011

News drought

This morning, the wind howled round the corner and the snow whipped against the windows. There was a southerly wind and only -1 degree, but I was still glad not having to crawl out of a condensing wet tent as I woke up. Hopefully it will be as it usually is when we are out on "adventure", just a beautiful and pleasant weather.
this is the kind of weather we like, sunny and about -5degrees
 At lunchtime, the clouds dispersed and the sun's warming rays made the ice melt and drip from the roof. It was an amazingly beautiful early spring weather.

Recently, nothing special has happened. All my free time I have peeled, cut, boiled and dehydrated vegetables. It takes time. Dehytrating a plate of broccoli, turnip, onion or celery in a conventional oven takes 4-8 hours depending on how thin the pieces are.
turnip for dehydrating

On Wednesday the maps, which we had ordered, arrived and we have begun planning which route to take.



Sälka is now completely fed up with monitoring my work to dehydratefood and is sleeping herself  into shape
Unfortunately, the sled which we had intended to use has broken so we had to order a new one and was lucky that  Dominique in Stepphundspann had two sledges ready at home. The sled that we ordered is a Skaule purpose-built for mountain trips.

On the bedside table is no longer criminal books but several books on mountain trips with much useful reading. Every night  we read and plan a bit before falling asleep. How we can sleep depends on which of the books we read, if it was about mountain safety it's  likely that we have nightmares about beeing hunted by the snow storms throughout the night.

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