fredag 11 februari 2011

Snowy weather

On Tuesday came about 15cm snow, so the evening was spent shoveling snow and yesterday it snowed all day and so far reached about 30-35cm. It's snowing still fairly plentiful, and soon it's barely visible that I have shoveled all afternoon today, too. Håkan says it's good exercise:)) - Oh yes, I feel it in my arms, and as it seems to be the only way for me to get some training I believe it's a good thing that it keeps on snowing.

Today came the new sled from Stepphundspann. It looks good,  steady and with strong brakes. 

We have come quite far in our planning, and most purchases are made. It remains to make a detailed planning of the diet and to make final additions to the wardrobe.
The tent, a Keron 3GT partially sponsored by Hillberg, will come next week as well as Jerven extreme wind bag, so next weekend it is likely that we will test to sleep in the tent.
The food for the dogs,  Purina Pro Plan will help us to deliver at different places during the expedition.
Fortunately, all females, except one, have passed their heat and the maledogs have started eating normally again. The females  are fit and eager, and after this weekend's test with 14 dogs in front of our new ATV weighing just about 500kg (including our weight),  we are confidently looking forward to the expedition thinking that our dogs will be working well, even if it might be a bit heavy.

Last thursday I went to Bivvilis kennel with both our youngsters, Ergo and Etna, who are to young to come along. They will be staying with Pernilla during our expedition.

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