fredag 18 februari 2011

High pressure and low pressure

A high pressure is parked over Sweden and provides clear and cold weather, much colder than you wish for when you are aboout to go camping.

Meanwhile, an emotional low pressure parked at home, Deimos, one of the youngsters from D-litter, has since last Saturday been very ill. On Monday we went to the vet who prescribed antibiotics and pain killers based on the assumption that he suffered from Lyme disease or anaplasma. Deimos had high fever, was stiff and had a very sore neck and back. On Tuesday night the fever rose to 40.9 degrees (his normal temp is around 38.5), although he hadbeen given medicine and he was completely apathetic. By wrapping him in wet towels, we managed to bring down the temperature and he became a bit more alert. On Wednesday we were hopefull, but he did not get better, the temperature was actually slightly lower, but he was in great pain. On Thursday there was another visit to the vet. The test responses showed that there was no Lyme disease or anaplasma. The vet took new blood samples and found that antibiotics had no effect on his high blood values. She now prescribed cortisone based on the assumption that he has meningitis.

Today, he seems somewhat better, the temperature is normal and we think he is a little less rigid and seems slightly less painful.

During the past week, our focus hasbeen to worry about Deimos, walk him, cuddle him, see to that he has been drinking and eating, and so not much effort hasbeen put on planning. Of course, we have also been thinking a lot about what to do now. Until yesterday we were hoping that he would perk up so that he could come with us. Now it is clear that he must stay at home. Before we can leave, Deimos must be much better and we need to be certain that the treatment helps, then remains to find someone who is willing to take care of him until we get home. We hope that we can be able to start the expedition sometime in early March.

Today we have arranged with a spot transmitter wich we will bring. It is our "lifesaver" in that it has an SOS button and it works with the help of satellite broadcasting.  In addition, we will, by pushing another button, to mark our position at least once a day so that anyone who is interested in our trail can see where we are. We hope to be able to update the blog quite often but we know that the coverage of cellular phones is not one hundred per cent so at times it may be sporadic updates.
Bosse on Waern Hoff sails have now been commissioned to sew a sack for the new sledge and  tomorrow night, we had thought we would test to sleep in the tent, but now one of us must sleep inside with Deimos, so it has to be me that tests because Håkan has already been sleeping in a tent during winter. I will probably bring Delta,  it might be good to have some company and maybe a little help to stay warm.
This is the prototype for our sledge sack

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  1. Dear Christina, I am so sad to hear it. Deimos will be very unfortunately if he must stay at home
    But it is good if he will be well now.