måndag 28 mars 2011

2 days with snow and snow

Yesterday (27) afternoon when Christina & Hakan crawled out of the tenthad snowed, 1.5 dm new snow overnight and it snowed so much that Christina did not see Hakan when he was two yards in front of her.

It continued to snow throughout the day, it was about 3.5 dm on Sunday. Sunday was very strenuous with more ascents and a lot of snow. During the night between Sunday and Monday was spent in a parking lot, with access to services associated cabin with water and heat. It could certainly be needed when rates edged down to - 20 degrees at night.

Today, they have the composure and drove 15-18 miles. The dogs have been the slippers throughout the day due to the input so much new snow and ice formations in the paws.

Right now they are at Raukasjön (enjoyed waffles with cloudberry jam and hot chocolate), where they rented a small cottage in order to recharge both the dogs and themselves when tomorrow is up in the mountains against Klimpfjäll. They expect this to be a very tough stage for both
themselves and the dogs.

/ / Pernilla

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