fredag 18 mars 2011

Two-weekly Report

Hi all  blog readers.
Today we have had time to Valsjöbyn. We came here last night at. 21:30, after running a quarter Polardistans (7.5 mil yesterday, Thursday). The reason for the long run was short on dog food in your luggage and that it had been promised snow with about 1 dm fresh snow. As usual, the dogs made ​​a heroic effort. The order is that I, Hakan go first with four dogs and a Polaris Pulka (at least from the start :-)) where Arija and Birk's leadership duo that lays down the pace, after Christina comes with 10-span and heavy sled at about 200 kg.

Yesterday it went extra fast because Birk managed to catch and eat something lemming animals that ran in the track and after that was all different as pine cones and lichen blown off was very interesting prey items associated with the increase in speed when it came in the spotlight.

Good to the last downhill before Valsjöbyn when he appeared after a 1m next to the track with the somersault to me over the sled at the most ...

The dogs and we feel great, it'll be here tomorrow to try and get through it about 3 mil roadless natural area Hota Balingen - probably, we halfway and camping in the homelike Hilleberg tent: Keron 3GT "on the

With so many readers we are really excited and hope you from the couch or the workplace may experience at least a small part of the adventure we are enjoying.
Hakan and Christina (tru Pernilla) want to give you a nice reading during the next six
weeks - Let's eat char given to us by Ake from Froson
Hakan & Christina (by the key board at a school in Valsjobyn)

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  1. lucky birk :-)))))

    it is very interesting for me and I am very happy to read this

    "The dogs and we feel great"