tisdag 8 mars 2011

Super weather

A little Progress report from the wilderness: The weather is super, just
as desired (so far), minus 4-6 degrees and sunny. During yesterday we got a lot of colour in our faces.

We who know Hakan knows he has a love for the check posts. Hm, our Polaris sled is now more of a Polaris STFS (I think it was called). He has managed to hit the pole so that the sled broke down, brush bow and stay in between the rails is now Mc Gyver exchanged at a STFS cottage. It works at least as good as it did before, but there is no problems with it. Hopefully  Hakan keeps him self on the right side of the posts from now on.

Dogs working good, taut ropes:) Some of the more experienced dogs don't like when it is time to take a brake for night, they think that 4-5 miles are certainly not enough.  Arija, Delta and Sälka think clearly
that the notion that staying is not funny, they speak loudly on for everyone else that now shall we indeed run again, although Hakan and Christina try to sleep.

That's it this time round. No way, the spot seems to work now so we
check with the original link again: http://www.findmespot.com/mylocation/?id=4MuM2
Pernilla (keyboard) & Christina (phone)

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