söndag 20 mars 2011

An extra day of rest

The day before our adventurer took an extra day of rest in Valsjöbyn, before they went north.
The dogs and two legged needed some extra rest and because the service  in Valsjöbyn was wonderful it was decided that a night of extra sleeping in the beds of the wounded before the tougher terrain. Valsjöbyn with its 53 inhabitants is truly a place of tourist atmosphere and service. The 13 schoolchildren (in seven different grades) took the opportunity to cuddle and pamper the dogs a little extra:)
The dogs didn't use the dogs last night in Valsjöbyn to rest, they thought that the dogs in the village wanted to talk to them.

Yesterday they went to Scotland with heavy sleds, loaded with new supplies for both two and four legged.
During yesterday the only went  12 km, they stop early to rest the dogs as it was very heavy and it will be tuffer the next distance.  Yesterday was sunny, a couple of + degrees and it went up hill.

After having spent the night between Saturday and Sunday in Scotland (tent), Christina and Hakan today went in to a nature reserve. There will be a very tough distance as this nature reserve is not alowed with scooters so the risk is very big that it becomes 30 mil total untracked in the 3-4 inches of new snow. The alternative is to go around the reserve, but this should be a distance of 120 kilometers instead.
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