måndag 21 mars 2011


It's been a rough ride through the nature reserve and it rained almost all day today have not made ​​things any better. When they started from Scotland and went over the mountains the weather was good, but now got untracked as the compass got to do the job. The first 1 ½ mile went really well, when they went down
toward the Munsvattnet they meet an obsticale. It was a spruce forest in the way.

Christina and the dogs was left behind while Hakan  skied down (walk in his skis as it was 4-5 cm new snow) to find a track  which would work for the sledges. It took Hakan 1 ½ hours to find an appropriate track and then back up to Christina.

Well down at Munsvattnet they stopped at a creek to spend the night, so they wouldn't have to melt snow for the dogs and for themselves. This morning (Monday) it started to snow, after an hour the rain came and
after it has rained almost all day. The tracks from Munsvattnet has been helpful to some scooters have been and driving, however, it has hardly brought the dogs and sleds when it arrived much rain and have just been above freezing.

On the way to Gäddede Camp, they had to drive over a lake, for the most part, this tends to be a pretty good thing when you can stand on the sled and take it calm. But this time it was 5-8 feet of water on the
lake, so almost EVERYTHING  was wet (sleeping bags still dry).

The decision was taken to stay on Gäddede camp one day when everything has dried and there is a low-pressure right where they are right now. They plan to go ahead on Wednesday.

At the campsite, they have been joined by Niklas Eriksson and his Siberian Huskies, so tonight it will be one or two beers and a pizza at the restaurant.

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