onsdag 23 mars 2011

Still waiting Gäddede (friday)

With hindsight we can say that we came across Hotagen nature reserves in the nick of time.A day later and we had struggled in powder snow up to his waist. Now we got the more than twomiles of alternating sun / clouds that day ended with the increasing wind and an abundant slush.As you already could read about was for us to Gäddede on Monday where snowed had been released for almost a daily
persistent rain.The rain has passed to snowstorms, and it has in the last days come around 4 dm snow in strong winds at times.We had a vague hope of being able to continue to run in Wednesday night's snowstorm, but the morning class and a warning on TV4 weather made it easy to fall back asleep after being fed the dogs with 6-8 cups Purina Pro Plan Performance, normally, the three-4 dl. Unfortunately, the weather report on the continued FOUL WEATHER precisely in the place we are in and struggling against a growing restlessness.

Gloves, clothing, shoes, tents, dog harnesses and sleeping bags are dry now.The weight of the
master has increased by at least three kg for pizza (half Christina also) and today cod with spinach, Christina has pimp his sleigh and polar ice is also revamped and we are on the go, waiting for clearance from the
weather ringtone.- It's only five weeks of vacation left ...;-) After talking with the local snowmobile club and of them have been informed that it has dropped even more snow at Blåsjön, which we expect to reach
the next stage, and that the previous rainy weather has loosened the snow on the lakes so we fear now that therelonger reveal "free miles" downloading of riding on Lakes where probably will be water / snow few
stages onwards ...

Dogs ear muff unconcerned what awaits them and havealready amassed enough energy of inventing own activities on Stake Outen.Two of our girls have figured out how they get away from BGB-hooks
to investigate the immediate neighborhood alone.Fortunately, there are 13 police officers who loudly informs us and the whole Gäddede if something happens that breaks the pattern - both good and less good when
it happened around midnight :-). The days of Gäddede masat have their way and we have not missed a weather report - unfortunately, all the reports sued and until today Friday, the total reached more than 6 dm
snow and wind greatly from time to.

On the mountain the snow has drifted into high drifts of the places very strong wind and the scooters that we
had hoped would pave the way for us, all turned when they reached the mountains. The weather forecast for tomorrow looks anyway very promising, and the campsite has today come a bunch of Norwegians with
snowmobiles so now is the sledges packed and it takes a lot if we do not leave Gäddede tomorrow Saturday with Niklas and his five Sibbe which may act plow untilSamoyeds are taking over ...:-))

Hakan & Christina

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