lördag 5 mars 2011

Already taken a wrong turn

We started at10:30 from Sarna today and guess what after 20 minutes we took a  wrong turn. All of a sudden we were standing in the middle of reindeer trails all around us.Through the woods we went, and shortly there after a precipice.There was a small step down that was shoved by a scooter for some time ago, so Hakan went down with skis, sledges and dogs.Well down, we took the decision not to sled down with all 10. This would be to dangerous. Dogs disconnected and Hakan took the sleigh down on a slant.I, Christina was down and received when Hakan let the 10 dogs down.Well down with everything, the dogs were put infront of the sled again, and our journey continued.The dogs have really been super-added
now and I have been standing  on the brakes most of the time, although we calculate with the sled and I weigh about180 kilograms.

The weather today has been perfect ...well almost, could be colder. Sun - 4-5 degrees
and lightly blown.

When we stopped for a snack break, the dogs certainly didn't want to stand still. So we had to quickly throw in our little rosehip soup, nuts and chocolate (wonder if they will like nuts, chocolate and rose hip
when they get home, according Christina isthat their main energy source of snacks)

At 19.00 we stopped for the night and pitched the tent and made a fire.All dogs are fed, except 4 - we are waiting for more water will melt in the pan over the fire.It takes a while to melt water to 14
dogs.Over the fire hangs Hakan socks and dry ..they got wet after all, flounder up and down the cliff (while on the phone, ran one of the socks burn up ... lucky that they have reserves to itself).

We are having some problems with the spot (at 20.00)  but hopefully we will have it up and running soon. http://www.findmespot.com/mylocation/?id=4K2pD

The first day has gone really well and it feels really good./ / Pernilla
(keyboard) - Christina (your phone)

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