onsdag 16 mars 2011


Yesterday was a lot of driving down hill for Christina and Hakan. After taking a proper sleep in the luxury suite as they headed into the Mattmar to pick up a package of oil, which they forgot at home.

Many thanks to Ake on Frösön room for the night and the delicious char that will taste good in a couple of days !

They ran into another obstacle yesterday, bridges and viaducts, but shame on him who gives up. Over Ocke Bridge there was now snow at all for 400-500 meters so there they had to walk with the dogs over (put then on a stake-out) and then carry all the equipment  piece by piece. Necessity knows no law.

Many thanks for the assistance Kjell and Eva at the bridge.

Over/under E14, it was indeed the same thing, but where did they manage themselves through the shovel, the distance was not half so far this time:)

Christina has started to get a hang on her 'big' sled, and have a bit easier to maneuver it, (hum maybe it's getting easier, too). Otherwise, our adventurers very positive and they enjoy themselves, it can be heard on their voices when I talk to them.

Spot: http://www.findmespot.com/mylocation/?id=4PddC/63.32894/13.85618
That's it for today:) See ya!!

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  1. These blog posts are very interesting and I must admit I envy you a bit:P Definitely would prefer nature trip to sitting at office ( as I am at the moment). Your dogs are really happy to get to live such a life;)
    Kati (from Estonia)