torsdag 10 mars 2011

The first mountain cabin visit

Have just put up the phone after a conversation with Christina, now we will see if I get this today:

From Bruksvallarna there has been heavy, very heavy with a climb of 240 meters in 1 kilometer. Although
they have gone on snowmobile trails much of the time it has gone up and down, up and down.

Still great weather, this morning it was -10 degrees and the day has gone up to -5 and brilliant sunshine.
Despite the sun factor 50 smeared in the faces, it feels that they have color and their skin feels tight.

Christina & Hakan with dogs has stopped for the night, and their stop today is at the Field hunter's cabin. The cottage includes chairs, bed, table and a wood stove. So no toilet, shower or running water.But oh, Hakan was happy, he sat and enjoyed in his chair and shouted in the background this I've missed.
They will tonight enjoy dinner at tables and chairs with plates:) What they missed!

The cottage is starting to heat up and sleeping bags and wet clothes hanging to dry around the cabin. In
the cabin, they will spend the night before they leave again tomorrow. We that are all sitting on our sofas
can of course send them the idea that they get a good night rest / /

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