fredag 4 mars 2011

Finally.. we are on our way

We, Christina & Hakan with dogs has finally left a rainy Molkom and are heading
north now to Sarna. After two days and nights feverishly packing to get everything and do not forget anything. Hmm, we wonder now when we sit in the car on really everything is included, but only time will tell. The dogs were tagged when they noticed that something was happening. Many of them have been around before and know it's racing when the car gets packed. Just don't think that they are aware that
there is quite a while until they see their runs again:)

We are very pleased that we start from Sarna tomorrow morning and not up
north as we first thought about doing. Hakan has had an eye on the weather and hopefully stop it blowing and gets freezing again before we get up the mountain. / at the keyboard Pernilla - Christina by phone

2 kommentarer:

  1. good luck and a fine and interesting time for you and hakan from Heidrun

  2. Och så var de iväg... God tur! Ta de´lugnt och njut riktigt ordentligt av äventyret =)önskar Anna och Dan och samojederna i Götet