onsdag 9 mars 2011

Water stop - ICA

Yesterday night I felt in our adventurers.They spent the night in a shelter in Acktjärn between Tännäs and Tänndalen.When the tent was in place and the fire made up it began to blow, it increased gradually throughout the evening and night. According to reports it was in place about 30 meters per second in the villages.Water bucket blew down more than 1 ½ gallons of water (Water is now essential for dogs and owners so they had to start melting snow again.

We took a late morning today - Christina got her first real sleep (despite the wind) - 8
o'clock, what a luxury. Today has been a heavy track, it has snowed and snowed until noon.
Around half two we wént into Tänndalen hotel parking.The goal was to get dog food to
Purina Pro Plan. So now there are 4x18 kg extra weight in the sled.Christina & Hakan assembly of
many happy people who photographed and filmed them. A little girl asked
if the dogs were domesticated ....good laugh! When Tänndalen left behind as the
sun came out, and a climb from 700 meters to 940 meters up on the bare

Arriving in Bruksvallarna it was time for a visit to the ICA (food store) ....yes you read right. Hakan ran inside and filled with water in all that went to the evening would not have to melt snow for the dogs.
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/ Pernilla - Christina

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