torsdag 31 mars 2011

At Virisen Lake

Yesterday, when Christina and Hakan left Raujka lake 'Håkan' forgotten one of the bags in the cottage.In the bag were some human necessities, such as mashed potatoes, cous-cous and other dry. So now our adventurers are on a diet, "said Christina ...Hm, it's not quite right because when I talked to Christina, they was sitting waiting for those waffles again.Wonder how many waffles they are eating on the way :)

Dogs keeps going well and Arija is now out of the season (we suspect that this was not a real maturity, because she only went 14 days).The dogs have done a great job to Klimpfjäll.

The night between Wednesday and Thursday, they stopped along the track and  put up the tent.Then it was time to make a fire.The geniuses Hakan and Nick tried to make a fire on damp dwarf birch, which resulted in the smoke more than the heat. So poor Christina had to run aroundbefore it was time to crawl into the sleeping bag, during the night the temperature crept down to -27 degrees.

The dogs had dug down and was fit and alert when the panels were opened in the morning. Thursday's driving has been mostly in the forested terrain which is appreciated by the dogs.

When I talked to Christina (at 13:00), theyhad run 25 kilometers in the morning and the calculation of running 15 kilometers to today, before it was time to put up the tent again. If all goes as it should be so they arrive in Tarnaby on Friday, in Tarnaby Hakan must glue his staffs who have become a bit worn .... and of
course it is time for the Friday pizza, a habit that Hakan had in how manyyears at any time:)

Now they have been out half the time and if it does not happen any more unpredictable as they hope to achieveTreriksröset before it's time and return home again.


// Pernilla

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